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What is Superannuation?

Superannuation provides a tax-friendly way for Australians to save for their retirement.

Thanks to the super guarantee contributions required by law, all eligible working Australians will have at least 9% of their salary paid by their employer into their super fund. It is this money, along with any additional personal contributions and investment returns that will help to ensure a comfortable retirement.

There are many myths about superannuation in Australia, generally these are unfounded, and are simply due to a lack of understanding and education. At Equita, it is our mission to educate Australians on how they can utilise their super in the most effective way.

Superannuation is also known for its complex fee structures, which is another reason that many Australians don't take control of their super in the way that they should.

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Myths about superannuation

Which super is right for me?

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