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Thumbs Insured for $14.5 Million

Everyone knows that insuring your life is vital for the financial security of you and your family, but what about your thumbs? Have you ever thought about insuring those?

Ferrari F1 driver Fernando Alonso has, and now his thumbs insured for a cool AU$14.5 million (10 million euro). The insurer is Spanish bank Santander, who also happens to be a personal sponsor of Alonso.

In a press conference held in Spain, the company announced the insurance deal as well as an extension of the personal sponsorship deal.

Santander said it had given Alonso life and accident insurance, with special coverage for his thumbs, worth AU$14.5 million.

Presumably the thumb cover would operate through a form of 'own occupation' TPD insurance, as Alonso's own occupation is that of a professional racing driver, and without thumbs he would not be able to drive a Formula One car.

"Alonso's thumbs are a big symbol as, apart from being essential when driving a Formula 1 car, they represent a sign of victory and that everything is under control and well protected," said Santander in a statement.

So what are the premiums on a $14.5 million policy for a racing driver? We're not sure, but you can bet Alonso isn't paying them out of his own pocket.

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