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Our goal at Equita is to educate Australians about their financial matters. Whether it's your insurance, your mortgage or your superannuation, you're sure to learn something from our comprehensive website.

All content on our website has been written by our director, who is a former financial planner, insurance broker and mortgage broker who has spent over a decade in the financial services industry.

Please note - we only provide information on financial services - we are not financial advisers and cannot give you personal advice.


Before you even think about borrowing or investing, the first thing you need to do is sort out your insurance.

You can have all the assets in the world, but if they're not protected, you could lose the lot very quickly if things go wrong.

Income protection is one of the most important covers to have, especially if you have debts and bills to pay. The cover can provide an ongoing income if you are unable to work for a period of time due to accident or illness.

Life insurance is also very important if you have debts or a family that relies on your income. Life insurance will pay out a lump sum that can be used to extinguish business and personal debts, as well as providing for your loved ones in the event of your passing.


Superannuation is seen as being too complex for many people to worry about, especially when they're young, but the truth is that super can be very simple when you take the time to understand it.

Taking a few simple steps with your superannuation when you're younger can mean a huge difference as you get older, and we don't just mean putting more money in there.

By spending some time learning about super, you may find that time is your best investment yet.


Investing wisely is one of the greatest ways to accumulate wealth. You're unlikely to strike it lucky and "get rich quick" by investing wisely, but if you remain patient and do the right things you should be hansomely rewarded in the long term.

Investing can take many forms. It may simply be using term deposits, or it could be more serious and involve managed funds and other investment vehicles. Either way, careful investing can be very financially rewarding.


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Are you a tradie looking for income protection or life insurance for tradesmen? Check out Tradesman Insurance for the right advice. For medical professionals we recommend life insurance for doctors. Insurance consulting services are supplied to Equita by AMAUS.